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The Sillon de Talbert

An almost metaphysical experience in Brittany between the sea and the sky

Interest: note good
From the castle of Fort la Latte to the Cap Fréhel

A visit to the castle of Fort la Latte, a site not to be missed in Brittany

Interest: note great
Towards the Cap Fréhel

A hike on the customs path (GR34) towards the Cap Fréhel

Interest: note good
A walk in Saint-Brieuc

A walk in the city of Saint-Brieuc in Brittany

Interest: note disappointing

A walk along the most beautiful beach in Brittany!

Interest: note very good
Walk in Versailles

There is not only the Castle in Versailles, the city is also worth a visit.

Interest: note good
The park of the Château du Versailles

A very nice free walk in the park of the most beautiful castle in the world

Interest: note great
5 magical places in Brittany

For those who love iodine and sea spray, here are 5 essential steps to discover Brittany.

Interest: note great
Preparation for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games

Get ready for the future Olympic Games in Paris on the sites of the cycling events in Yvelines.

Interest: note great
The 5 most beautiful parks in Paris

A selection of the 5 most beautiful parks in Paris.

Interest: note great
Free museums in Paris

Access to the permanent collections of some Parisian museums is totally free. Why deprive yourself of the visit?

Interest: note great
Luxury stores in Paris

A walk through the boutiques of the great luxury brands in Paris

Interest: note good
The ponds of La Minière

The ponds of La Minière are located in the forest of Versailles.

Interest: note good
From the Grand Palais to the Musée d'Orsay

A magnificent walk along the Seine to discover the most beautiful monuments of Paris

Interest: note great
The ponds of the small plain at Isle-Adam

Very nice walk around the ponds of Isle-Adam in the Val-d'Oise.

Interest: note very good
The Hedgehog waterfalls

Beautiful waterfalls in the heart of the Jura.

Interest: note great
The lake of Chalain

The lake of Chalain is the largest natural lake in the Jura

Interest: note good
The city center of Nantes

A walk in the historical center of Nantes

Interest: note very good
The customs path on the peninsula of Croisic

A walk along the beautiful wild coast to get to Le Croisic

Interest: note good
A walk in Pornic

A nice walk to discover all the charms of Pornic

Interest: note very good