Discovering France

Discover and share the most beautiful walks in France

Looking for a new idea for a walk? Don't ask yourself any more questions.

We offer multiple ideas for walks in the city or the countryside.

Tired of travel guides that all tell the same story. So are we!

Tired of photos edited with filters. So are we!

All our photos come from our teams who have been on the ground. No reporting from photos from Instagram.

You won't be disappointed or surprised anymore with our descriptions and photos. We are the only guide to photograph car parks, queues, crowds... Yes, it's not glamorous but you'll know what to expect.

We are not adventurers

We don't offer all the GPS tracking of our routes as our walks are always very well marked in towns or in the countryside, we don't go off the beaten track, we follow the beautiful paths in our regions. We only offer a walk if the directions and signs on the route are correct.

In the cities we indicate the monuments to see in priority without imposing a route.

Share, comment on all the proposed walks.

Let's go!

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