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Free cultural outings to museums

Access to most Parisian museums is not free (the Louvre, the Musée d'Orsay). The prices are quite high (16 euros for the Orsay museum, 17 euros for the Louvre). However, some of them are free on the first Sunday of the month (the Pompidou center, the Orsay museum). Expect long lines on those days. There are also some museums that are free every day of the year. Be careful, we are talking about access to the permanent collections (90% of the museum), the free museums also organize temporary exhibitions for which access is not free. Don't be mistaken when you order the ticket, there is clearly a will to force the sale of paying entries with really unclear interfaces.

Here is our selection of some Parisian museums that are free all year long.

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Duration: 3 h.

The Carnavalet Museum

The Carnavalet Museum@
A very beautiful museum located in the Marais district in the heart of Paris. It has just reopened after 5 years of renovation. Not too big, an interesting and varied content, simple and quick explanations, in short, a very good idea for an outing.

The Hotel de Soubise

The Hotel de Soubise@
This museum which used to be paying is now free. A very nice Parisian hotel to visit with beautiful gardens right next door. It is only a few steps away from the Carnavalet museum.

Le Petit Palais

Le Petit Palais@
The Petit Palais is located just in front of the Grand Palais, down the Champs-Élysées. A very nice museum with beautiful works (Cézanne, Rembrandt, Corot...). Not to be missed. Almost more interesting than a visit to the Louvre.

The Museum of Modern Art in Paris

The Museum of Modern Art in Paris@
Not to be confused with the Georges Pompidou center, this museum is located not far from the Eiffel Tower. A nice little museum for modern art lovers. It's the kind of museum that you wouldn't visit if you had to pay for it, but which becomes interesting when it's free.

The house of Victor Hugo

The house of Victor Hugo
Located on the Place des Vosges, Victor Hugo's house can be visited free of charge (when it is not closed, which happens frequently these last years).
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