francedigitale, the best way to discover France

Q: What is the purpose of this site?

The aim of the site is to discover new hiking places, cities, monuments, regions, sports activities France.

Q: Who are the designers of the site?

francedigitale is developed by a team passionate about new technologies. Our company also offers training on Microsoft technologies. Despite all the care taken to the site this one can include bugs. You can inform us by sending us an email to the address francedigitale.

Q: Why are there so many English vocabulary and grammatical errors ?

Wa are sorry but we can't afford to pay a human translator, the site is mainly automatically translated by computer from french to english.

Q: Are the routes correct?

The itineraries are not checked, if any problem arises the site can not be held responsible. GPX traces may be false, there is no verification.

Q: Are comments moderated?

The moderation is carried out by the team of the site, the team can remove without notice any comment that it considers improper.

Q: Can I have my account deleted?

Yes the site team can delete an account that it considers malicious.

Q: I am interested in a photo or text, can I use it?

Yes the whole site is under Creative Commons - Attribution. On the other hand the site does not preserve the original photo but simply compressed copies if you want the original photo you must contact the author.

Q: How does the GPX work?

The GPX is a format for exchanging GPS files, the site displays the data present in the file (latitude, longitude, altitude). Users can then retrieve the GPX file and import it into their devices.

Q: How are my personal data used?

The site collects information from cookies for user counting and advertising. We use Google analytics (counting pages) and Google Ad Sense (for advertising) . The site can also collect your email and your name if you create hikes, the data is kept internally and is never disclosed to providers.

Q: The site presents photos that are harmful to me. Can I delete them?

Yes, just send us an email to francedigitale and motivate the removal request.

The icon for the site comes from Laura Reen