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What is the purpose of this site?

The aim of the site is to help you discover new places to walk, cities, monuments, regions, sports France. All our walks have been made by our teams, 99% of the photos on the site are our own photos and they are almost not retouched. We only show the reality.

Who is responsible for the site?

This site is not a professional site, it is a personal site. The site is not responsible for all the content submitted, it reflects the thoughts of the authors.

In spite of all the care given to the site, it may contain bugs and errors. You can report them to us by sending an email to the address francedigitale. You must check the information before going on a hike, this site does not permanently update the data of the hikes, they may be outdated.

Why are there so many English vocabulary and grammatical errors ?

We are sorry but we can't afford to pay a human translator, the site is mainly automatically translated by computer from french to english.

Who hosts the site?

This site is hosted on the Microsoft Cloud (Azure). It is geographically located in Microsoft's Western European hosting centre in the Netherlands. For more information, please refer to:

Are comments moderated?

Moderation is carried out by the site team, who can delete any comments they deem inappropriate without notice.

I am interested in a photo or text, can I use it?

Yes the whole site is under Creative Commons license - Attribution.

How is my personal data used?

The site collects information from cookies for user counting and advertising purposes. We use Google analytics (page view counts) and Google Ad Sense (for advertising).

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How does GPX work?

GPX is an exchange format for GPS files, the site displays the data present in the file (latitude, longitude, altitude). Users can then retrieve the GPX file and import them into their devices.

The site shows photos that are harmful to me. Can I have them removed?

Yes, just send us an email to franceDigitale stating the reason for this removal request.

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