The Batignolles district

The Batignolles

A short walk to discover the Batignolles district

The Batignolles district is located in the 17th arrondissement. It is undergoing a major transformation, the old railways have been replaced by many apartment buildings with contemporary architecture. This very peaceful area that looked like a small village is changing very quickly. You can see it by walking through the Batignolles Square and then continuing to the new Martin-Luther King Park. The Batignolles district is not in the tourist tour, but it's nevertheless worth a visit.

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Duration: 2  h.

The village

To get to Les Batignolles you can take line 13 and get off at "Brochant" station, then head towards the square des Batignolles, the streets are bustling with restaurants and bars.

Sainte-Marie des Batignolles Church

The small pond of the Square des Batignolles

The square was created in 1862, it is one of those parks created during the renovation of Paris by Haussmann.

The Square des Batignolles

The park is small but it is very nice with its small river. People relax on lawns in the summer.

Martin Luther-King Park

The atmosphere changes when you leave Batignolles Square to go to Martin-Luther-King Park or Clichy-Batignolles Park. The park is much more modern, it is not even completely finished yet.

Buildings around Martin-Luther-King Park

Lots of buildings around the park with very modern architecture.

Relaxing in Martin-Luther-King Park

The water misters in batignolles Park

This is the place to come when it's too hot.

Around Clichy-Batignolles Park

Ecological space

In these modern parks the designers try to build as natural areas as possible

The sparkling water fountain

It's a funny idea but in Martin-Luther-King Park you can find one of the sparkling water fountains of Paris.