The Route of the Ridges

The Route des Crêtes in the gorges of Verdon

A car tour to discover all the beauty of the Gorges du Verdon

The route des Crêtes (road of the Ridges in english) is a road that runs along the Gorges of Verdon for 20 kilometres. There are car parks and lookouts along the road to enjoy magnificent views of the gorges of Verdon. The route des Crêtes is not difficult to find, there are many road signs indicating the direction. It is not very long, it can be done in one hour. If you pass through the gorges of the Verdon do not hesitate to follow the route des Crêtes.

Interest: very good (1 user)
Duration: 1  h.

Beautiful view of the Verdon below

Be careful dizzy. The road dominates the gorges of more than 500 meters!

The car park

Next to each lookout there is a small parking lot, fortunately people do not stop too long to look at the view. It is easily possible to find a place except in very high season.

The Verdon

The lookout of the Dent d'Aire

All the lookouts have a name, there are about ten of them along the road.

Belvedere du Tilleul

Panorama of the Gorges of Verdon

The Verdon in the gorges

There is no direct access to the river from the Route des Crêtes.

The chalet of the Maline

The chalet de la Maline is a restaurant located on the route des Crêtes. It is the starting point for many hikes and it's one of the few passages down the gorges. It is a 1 hour walk to reach the river.

The end of the Crete Road

The landscape becomes even wilder towards the end of the Crete road.

Lake Sainte-Croix

On the way back to the lake of Sainte-Croix you can find one of the most beautiful views of the Verdon Gorge. The small car park is very difficult to access in the summer.