The Panthéon

The Panthéon

A visit to discover the Panthéon and the surrounding streets.

The Pantheon is an old church transformed into a republican temple after the French revolution. In this temple France honours its greatest men. Alexandre Dumas, Victor Hugo, Emile Zola rest for eternity in the Pantheon, you can see their vault. The building is really worth a look for its monumental architecture. After the visit you can stroll through the surrounding streets. The Rue Mouffetard is a lively street with many bars and restaurants.

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Duration: 3  h.

The façade of the Panthéon

The façade is in the purest Roman temple style. You can see the famous sentence on the top of the building "To the great men the grateful homeland."

Inside the Panthéon

The interior of the Hall is open to the public, so you can admire the magnificent dome from the inside.

The dome of the Pantheon

During the summer season the dome is open to the public, one of the most beautiful views of Paris! Of course, you have to pay extra.

The Place of Panthéon

Just next to the Pantheon, the square has just been renovated, there are many benches to sit on.

New place

The wooden platforms installed to rest are popular with young Parisians.

Saint-Etienne-du-Mont Church

Splendid church located just next to the Pantheon

Place de la Contrescarpe

Mouffetard Street

Mouffetard Street is a busy street with many restaurants.


In the evening there are a lot of people in the street.

Mouffetard Street

Not all restaurants are of high quality in this street.