The Luxembourg Garden

The Luxembourg Garden

A walk in Paris in the alleys of the Luxembourg Garden

The Luxembourg Garden is located in the heart of Paris in the Latin Quarter, it is a magnificent park that you should absolutely see if you visit Paris. It is the ideal place for Parisians to relax during the summer months. The tour can start at the exit of the RER station "Port Royal".

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Duration: 1  h.

The Closerie of Lilas

The Closerie des Lilas was the meeting place of artists in the 1900s - 1950s. Ernest Hemingway, Francis Scott Fitzgerald, Henry Miller, Picasso and Modigliani attended this restaurant.

The Explorers' Garden

The Explorer's Garden is a small park located right next to the Luxembourg Garden. The statue depicts 4 women from different parts of the world supporting a globe.

Sports activities

There are many sportsmen in the park.

On a beautiful summer day

The Institute of Art and Archaeology

You pass in front of the very beautiful Institute of Art and Archaeology. It is a university building that can't be visited.

A restaurant

The Luxembourg Garden is very pleasant in summer, many Parisians relax on the lawns or have a drink in a restaurant.


There are sometimes some concerts organised in the garden.

The garden pond

Children have been able to rent model sailboats and have them sail on the pool during the summer months for 140 years.

The façade of the Senate

The Luxembourg Garden was originally the garden of a palace that belonged to Marie de Médicis. From now on, the palace houses the French Senate.

The Senate

The Senate can't be visited.